Gearing up for a better stream!

Today I am super excited to say that I am upgrading my rig! I know it's not going to be the most super beefy computer out there, but as long as its...

The Party Has Begun

For the people who don't already know me, I'm Squeaks! This is going to be an introduction to myself so that all of you can jump on the bandwagon of...

The Icelandic UHC Championship

It is about time! Iceland is getting its first official Minecraft tournament, and better yet, it is open to all ages! Whether you are a 12 year old...
Evolve featured
74%Fight or flight

Evolve Review

Colonization of the planet Shear has turned into a tragedy as vicious mutating beasts start preying on the colonists and ripping their infrastructure...
Dying light featured
85%Zombie smashing bliss

Dying Light Review

Open world games are in no short supply these days, with every other big title coming out being a sandbox (or cover based shooter) of some sort....