PS4 Emus is an Emulator App for Android & iOS Mobile Devices

The PlayStation 4 is one of the most powerful gaming consoles out there. On the downside, it’s not exactly a cheap gaming platform. One way to get around the high price tag is through the use of emulators. Nowadays, there are already plenty of emulators for the PlayStation 4. One of the most popular ones is PS4 Emus, and that’s what this article is going to explore.

What is PS4 Emus ?

PS4 Emulator Android

PS4 Emus is a PlayStation 4 emulator that’s designed to run on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. If you don’t know yet, an emulator is a program that will allow you to play games from another platform. In this case, it allows you to play these in iOS, Android, Mac or Windows.

PS4 Emus has its own website. From there, you can download the program and read other useful and related information. At the moment, this app is free to download, and that means you really don’t need to spend any money to start playing PS4 games.

One of the strengths of this emulator is that it has an excellently made GUI. It’s clean, intuitive and even has interesting options.

This software also allows you to manipulate settings like sounds, effects, and graphics quality. The graphics quality is a significant option.

Graphics-intensive games will require a lot of system resources. If your tablet, phone or PC can’t handle the game’s demand, the frame rates will be so low that it becomes next to unplayable. With the graphics quality option of this tool, you can set it to a lower setting. The graphics might not be as good, but at least you can play the game.

Built-In BIOS

Another thing that’s worth mentioning is that PS4 Emus already comes with a built-in BIOS file.

BIOS is mandatory as it’s the source file that comes from Sony Entertainment. The BIOS file has a special code in it that tells the emulator how to properly run PlayStation 4 games. In other words, it’s the translator and brain of the entire setup.

Having the built-in BIOS is a real lifesaver as BIOS files are notoriously difficult to find. Furthermore, there are countless stories from people that they had downloaded a BIOS file from an unknown source, and it contained a virus that wrecked their entire system.

How to Use the PS4 Emus

Another great thing about the PS4Emus is that the installation step is pretty much a straightforward process. It’s highly advisable that you don’t download the software from any other sites as you might download a version that’s infected with malware.

Once the download is complete, you simply run the installer. The process is just like any installation. You accept the terms and conditions, and click install to initiate the process. Wait for it to finish installing and then you’re good to go. Now it’s time to play your favorite PlayStation 4 games.

There are two basic ways of playing a PS4 game in this emulator. First is to add the game by getting the “.ISO” file of the game you want to play. You can search on torrent or warez sites for them. Be sure to read the comments before you download to ensure your system won’t get infected with malware.

The other option is to have the PlayStation4 disc at hand. You simply insert the disc into the disk drive of your computer and the PS4 Emus will run it for you. Of course, if you’re playing from a phone or tablet, this option is not available for you.

Games You Can Play with this PS4 emulator

  • Abzû – This game is in the adventure genre and is developed by Giant Squid Studios. The game takes the player into a journey of discovering the oceans. The most enticing part of the game is that it allows the player to freely navigate in the underwater environments. This may range from the open waters, ancient ruins to natural caverns.
  • Alienation – If you are into RPG and shooting, then you’ll love this one. Alienation is developed by Housemarque and published via Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game is largely based on defending from an alien invasion. The waves come in increasing difficulty. There are three classes to choose from with each having its own set of unique abilities. Players can also upgrade their characters.
  • Ark: Survival of the Fittest – This game is a spin-off of the ARK: Survival Evolved. As you might have guessed, it’s all about surviving against other players. It also has roaming dinosaurs, prehistoric animals and natural hazards. However, in this game, the pace is a lot faster, and there are other additional newer add-ons. Studio Wildcard is behind the game with collaborations with Virtual Basement, Efecto Studios, and Instinct Games.
PS4 Emus is an Emulator App for Android & iOS Mobile Devices
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