Today I started my play-through of Life is Strange (video of play-through is posted above). I heard a lot of people talking about it so I thought I would check it out. The reviews on the Steam game hub page were “Overwhelmingly Positive” so, of course, I invested in the game. I have played the first 30 minutes, and I am not quite sure how I feel.

Life is Strange is very similar to those other interactive graphic novel games like Wolf Among Us and the Walking Dead. The game has the same aesthetic style, feel, and very similar game-play — however — it just not from the same developer. For a game like this to work it needs to have a very intriguing story-line with great acting otherwise you will lose interest very quickly. And, so far, the story is some-what interesting and the voice acting is sufficient, but, oh my, the writing is face-palm worthy.


Some of the dialog seems almost as bad as something that Quantic Dream’s David Cage would write (although I really admire the man). I mean, come on, the things she thinks out when exploring the environment are ridiculous, “Oh wow, he has the latest and greatest Plasma HD-TV for the class. I absolutely, friggen, cannot wait to watch some documentaries on photography on this bad boy.” I am not kidding. She actually says this and it is really tacky.

I also tried time wasting to see if that blue haired girl would die if I didn’t hurry to rescue her. Waited for several minutes and nothing changed. You would think that they would put a lot of focus on timed events in a game that is all about bending time. Why did I have to do all those little things so that the teacher could let me out earlier to save the girl when it didn’t matter in the end. A little disappointing.

Also (minor spoiler alert here), the blue haired girl — what a bitch — I really didn’t want to save her but I was forced to. She ends up being one of the main characters but, still, she has one of the worst introductions that anyone can imagine. She is kind of like a punk version of Miley Cyrus and says “hella” hella a lot.

I am not sure how I feel about Life is Strange at this very moment. All I can say is that the game is strange, and I am a little intrigued.

Have you played the first episode of Life is Strange? What are your thoughts? Should I keep playing? Motivate me without spoiling anything.

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