Until Dawn was a bit of a mystery to a lot of people even a week before it launched. The lack of decent marking and PR left people genuinely confused as to what to expect with this PlayStation 4 exclusive. Even after it launched people who had just started playing it weren’t entirely sure what kind of game it was. Survival horror? Erm… not quite. Interactive drama? Nope. Not really. It’s none of these things and all of these things. That may not really make sense, but it is what makes this game pretty unique.

In Until Dawn you control several different characters and the choices you make shape the outcome in huge ways; even the smallest decisions can snowball into major plot elements later on in the game. Sure, Until Dawn is not the first game to do this, but it is the game that does this better than any other (we’re looking at you, Life is Strange!). The game uses the overly used cliché of the “butterfly effect”, but it uses it in such a unique way that makes this concept feel fresh.


Every decisions affects the character’s personality, which in turn changes how you experience the game. You can view your character’s personality traits from the pause menu and although you can see them change throughout the game, you can also notice it by seeing how other characters respond to you. For example, if you perform more brave actions and take risks people are more likely to rely on you. If you dick around too much people probably wont take you seriously, and the beautiful thing here is that small things like these can change the outcome of the game.

Though most of the intense situations in Until Dawn use quick-time events, nailing them 100% each time is not always the right thing to do. Sometimes failing a certain action, or not evening doing anything at all is the right choice — and I use that term lightly because ultimately the right choice is the choice you want to make to reach the ending you want, and that is what I love about this game. You could try your damned hardest to get all the players to the end alive, but sometimes some characters just become so intolerable that they are basically asking for you to snuff them; this speaks volume about the quality of the script, the acting, and of course my sadistic tendencies (because I really wanted that bitch, Emily, to eat that dirt, and eat it hard!).

Until Dawn is a polished product. It looks, sounds, and plays great. The story, though somewhat of a cliche to the horror genre, does a great job of keeping you hooked and that is accomplished by talented actors delivering well written lines. Like me, you will most likely find yourself playing it through a several time to see how different choices effect the story, and it is well worth it. Until Dawn is a great addition to a collection of stellar PlayStation 4 exclusives and should not be overlooked.

Until Dawn Review
  • Choices HAVE Consequences
  • Brilliant Cast Performance
  • Great Atmosphere
  • Some Genre Cliches
  • A Little Predictable
80%Shockingly Satisfying!
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