It’s time to suit up and grab your moustache wax and take to the streets of an alternate Victorian London in The Order: 1886. This PlayStation 4 exclusive title takes you on a visually stunning ride through a tale of honour, brotherhood, conspiracy, and deceit. Is this cinematic shooter worth the price of admission?

The Order: 1886 transports us to an alternate timeline set in a technologically advanced London. We take the role of Sir Galahad; one of the Order’s knights, that has sworn to defend the crown and vanquish its enemies. The game doesn’t really take any time to explain the backstory or lore, instead leaving it up to the players to piece it together for themselves. It’s nice to see a game that is confident enough with its story to take this approach, and thankfully, the narrative is one of The Order’s highlights.


A rebel movement is stirring up trouble in London and making life hard for our valiant knights. To make things worse, there are also “half-breeds” (werewolf’ish creatures) on the prowl, and it seems as if there might be something rotten within the Order itself. As the story unfolds it sheds light on the game’s setting and characters, while working decently as a self contained story, it’s obviously meant to be expanded on in future instalments.

The game play is centred on cover-based third person shooting and quick time events during the numerous interactive cutscenes. There really isn’t anything new or unique about the game play, but it’s done well nonetheless. The weapons have a nice weight to them, and dropping bad guys is really satisfying. Most of the game is really linear for the purpose of servicing the tightly constructed narrative and cinematic feeling. It works fine, but it would have been nice to have a little more variation in the game play and exploration of the game world.

The presentation is where The Order really shines though. This is one of the best looking and sounding games we have ever played. Everything is a joy to look at, be it the in-engine cinematics or during the hectic shootouts. The character models are lifelike and expressive, with some of the best looking hair and fabric in gaming. The environments and levels are packed with great detail in everything from the smallest mundane objects to the majestic halls of the royal palace. The game is truly eye-popping during the brighter daylight stages where one can really appreciate the graphics and it all comes to life. Beautiful.

The Order: 1886 is not just a looker, but it sounds great as well. The voice acting is terrific, with a great cast that bring their characters to life. The sound design overall is fantastic which really draws you into the action and atmosphere. Guns and explosions sound convincing and weighty with plenty of literal bang for your buck. Likewise, the music score is superb as well. Beautiful and haunting sombre strings compliment the dark and emotional sections and ramps up alongside the action.

Ultimately The Order: 1886 is a thrilling ride if you are into the steampunk setting and cinematic games. The presentation alone made the trip worth it for us. The game play could have used more variety and fresh ideas, but it has built a solid foundation and hopefully the next game will bring something new to the table and excel in this department as well. If you’re interested in checking out The Order: 1886; we recommend that you do!

The Order: 1886 Review
  • Beautiful presentation
  • Interesting setting and story
  • Solid action
  • Little gameplay variety
  • Fairly short
  • Few fresh ideas
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