When Destiny first launched a year–or so–back I was so excited. Bungie’s first game after the industry changing Halo series should have been one of the greatest first person shooter games ever made, but it wasn’t.  The game-play was great, but all-in-all the game was just lacking in content.  A year later we officially enter Year Two in Destiny and the game’s first full expansion has been released.  The Taken King gives Destiny that content that it so desperately needed, andthensome, ultimately creating what is one of the greatest first person shooters I’ve ever played.

The Taken King does a great job of filling in the blanks when it comes to Destiny lore and provides gamers with a deep and compelling story that takes you back to some of your favorite places and even deep into the darkness of space.

Fortunately Bungie have tweaked a lot of game-play elements that drove us mad in the first year. Although their are not massive changes made, the tweaks are so finely tuned that it ultimately creates one of, if not the, best first person shooting mechanics I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing.  Blowing up baddies just feels so natural with a PlayStation 4 controller… that, and the weight and feel of the guns is spot-on, and dropping enemies feels satisfying.


The content that The Taken King adds to Destiny truly makes it worthy of being considered a stand-alone, and revives the game to the point where it seriously seems like a brand new game and could be considered as a Game of the Year contestant for 2015. The level cap has been raised, more bounties have been added, a plethora of new quests, raids, weapons and armor including super sexy exotic items.

Destiny: The Taken King is among the best games I’ve played this year. It’s the perfect shooter with plenty of content that will have me returning night after night for a long time. The social aspect of Destiny also makes this a must play with your friends. If you are not playing Destiny you will be talking about it; whether you are planning your next raid or bragging about your load-out. Destiny: The Taken King is a must-buy for all lovers of the shooter genre.

Destiny: The Taken King Review
  • Addictive Co-op
  • Plethora of Content
  • Perfect Controls
  • Crucible Unforgiving for Newbies
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