It is about time! Iceland is getting its first official Minecraft tournament, and better yet, it is open to all ages! Whether you are a 12 year old wiz-kid or a mature and experienced gamer — one thing is certain — your survival and PVP skills will be tested.

Here is a bit info you might like to learn before you register. This event will be online, so yes, you can compete from the comfort of your own home and in your pajamas for all we care! The tournament will span over a whole week, and the winning team from each game will advance to the grand final.

There will be a registration fee, but it will only be a measly 500kr. Why, you ask? The money goes straight to securing a future gaming events like these. It costs money. There are people organizing these things for you, and there are prizes and thingies to consider! If the registration fee does not bother you go ahead an fill the form. A few weeks before the tournament an email will be sent out to all registrants with details on how they can pay the fee, so no need to worry about that now.

Rules? Yes, there are rules. They will be posted on this page later this week and on our event Facebook page. But, if you really want a good idea of what kind of game you will be playing watch the video below!

Excited? Than fill out the form below!

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