It’s been a while — but we are back, and with a new look to boot!

New site, new server, and a near year! We’ve decided to abandon Joomla and go with Word Press. This means a complete site rebuild. We’re saying good bye to all the old SEO stuff and starting 2015 with a bang! We’ll be moving most of the content over from our old site (reviews, articles) and adding new stuff!

We would like to apologize for how long it has taken us to reboot but we wanted to make sure we did it right this time around. Eskimo Press grew significantly in popularity in 2014 with over 5, 000 visits per day and the shared host we were on just couldn’t handle it. So, we are starting fresh. Very, very fresh.

Welcome back!

About The Author

Ingólfur Ólafsson

Metal head, front-man, natural gamer and editor at Eskimo Press.

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