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Thursday, 14 November 2013 16:27

Next Gen Blasto Could Be Sony's Next Big Surprise Featured

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Remember Blasto? The space hunk super-hero whose sole purpose in life is to "save babes"? Well, it looks like a next-gen sequel for this frantically fun shooter might be revealed. Sony's interest in SpaceX is making a heck of a lot of sense now, wouldn't you say?

Reddit user, fry9guy, claims that Sony's biggest announcement for the PlayStation All-Access event has been leaked.

Sony are bringing back one of their biggest exclusives, and it has something to do with space.

Immediately after these comments people began to speculated, and it seemed the most popular guess what an Uncharted game in space -- but Naughty Dog had already confirmed that their next game has nothing to do with space. Way before the Uncharted 4 rumors started to spread like wildfire, the word was that Santa Monica Studios were working on a space game. Michael Angeli, Battlestar Galactica writer, has been working on a top secret Santa Monica project for quite some time now, so it could definitely be that Santa Monica's next game is set in space.

Even if Santa Monica's next game is set in space, why on Earth would they reboot Blasto? Well, Blasto is a PlayStation 1 gem. It is one of the more challenging third-person shooters available on the PlayStation platform even today. Blasto was also heavily marketed by Sony as being, what you could consider, the Uncharted game for PlayStation 1.

Blast has one of the most entertaining plots in gaming history with one zaniest super-heroes to ever grace gaming; he is kind of like a mix between Johnny Bravo and Duke Nukem.

After returning from the 5th dimension, the diabolical alien tyrant named Bosc is bent on conquering the Planet Uranus with his own army and attempts to invade and destroy Earth as well. He is seeking to reign supreme for his power of the solar system that includes his alien army capturing and enslaving the Space Babes throughout the galaxy. Thus, Captain Blasto is the only hero who can foil him and his evil ambitions and set out to rescue the stranded Space Babes along the way. Blasto is also the only type of hero who doesn't mind catching Space Babes in distress every now and then, especially when it comes to exploring and venturing across through the Planet Uranus!

Blasto for PlayStation 4? Bring it on! Santa Monica's and Naughty Dog's track record for video-game scores is very impressive, so we can count on the Blasto reboot to be something spectacular.

Blasto 2 was planned for development but was cancelled due to the tragic murder of Blasto's voice actor, Phil Hartman.

Sony could have something entirely different planned for the PlayStation All-Access event, and until then, all we can really do is wait patiently and hope for the best.

Mike Tomasson



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