Welcome to the world of Fragnetopia. An ever-evolving Life is Feudal server rich with deep lore and interesting characters.

At this momet of time this server is open to the general public, but white-listing will be enabled later this moth. This means that people may stumble upon the server and join but may have no idea what is going on; if you find one of the players try to enlighten them, teach them the lore, and encourage them to role-play. If they refuse to play along they will be considered criminals and may be slaughtered on sight, and will eventually be perma-banned.


Before joining you need to understand the fundemental basics of the servers lore. This is cannon stuff, and will not change, however, more stuff will be added to the server lore and history with the conclusion of each season.

The land of Fragnetopia is on the brink of war. Two races; the Slavards and  the Gottlungs are trying to shape the great land to suit their ideals. The Khoors have migrated to Island  to the east and slowly settling in to the land of Fragnetopia. The reason for the Khoors sudden arrival remains a mystery, are they staging a take over?


slavSlavard: The mighty nothern Slavards are true natives of Fragnetopia. They are sentimental people and are not too fond of change or foreigners, but are indifferent and tolerant to other religions. They fear that the Gottlungs are there to conquer the lands and take a very defensive stance on anything Gottlung. By playing as the Slavard race you will spawn in the city of Eldborg on the north of Fragnetopia. You will honor the great Slavard Olaf Magnusson.

gottThe Gottlung are cruisaders of sorts. Cruisader’s of large religious cult that is spreading across the world like cancer. For several decades the Gottlungs and Slavards have managed to live without conflict, but due to their stubborn nature and pride, the fact that they are unable to convert the Slavards has made them take a offensive stance against the Slavard culture which has created a segregation of the races. By playing as the Gottlung race you will spawn on the south of Fragnetopia in the city of Landan. You worship the one true God, Javaho, and answer to the high priest Lucio Satana and his head cruisader Damien Truwill.

The Khoors are wise travelers that hail from the far east. They are completely foreign to the land of Fragnetopia. They are treated as unwanted guests by both the Slavards and the Gottlung. Their origins are also unknown and are more commonly reffered to as “Outlanders” by both races. By playing as Khoor race you are free to live your life as you choose. The land is your oyster. You can choose sides, create your own. You will be safe from conflict  but you will start with nothing.



Since this server is new all laws are subject to change.

Law of the Land

  1. Any unwarranted crime will be paid back 10 fold.
  2. Respect nature. Cutting down ancient trees of high-quality is punishable by death.
  3. Murder is strongly forbidden unless in the name of revenge.
  4. Abandoned homes and settlements can be claimed by the government.

Law of the Server

  1. Keep it respectful — insults and verbal attacks may only be aimed at another character, in-character!
  2. Do not deliberately interrupt, distract another play. People may be streaming on recording. Keep it professional!
  3. Do NOT broadcast any kind music over the server using in-game VOIP unless agreed it is vital to story/character and is agreed upon by all involved.
  4. All non-game talk must be directed to our Team Speak channel. Local chat may only be used for role-play.
  5. Offensive RP that violates the Twitch ToS is strictly prohibited and will result in perma-ban.
  6. Don’t glitch, hack, or mod any game elements.
  7. Don’t log out in the middle of combat, i.e. combat logging, rage quit.
  8. Raids or attacks on other settlements can only be done after a war has been declared — at least one member from opposing side must be online.
  9. During an assault on any form of base you may only destroy as much that is needed to plunder. Do not over do it. That is considered griefing.
  10. Bad PR in terms of identifying players by their name-tags is prohibited.
  11. You may only kill another player’s creature if he/she is present and the role-play allows for it.
  12. To initiate and declare a war, both parties involved need to accept.
  13. No META-GAMING. Don’t use information obtained out of game to further advance your character.
  14. If your character dies you must delete him/her and create a brand new character. If you’d like to continue the story consider creating another family member. Do NOT announce death’s over global chat.
  15. Don’t be a chump, and remove that stump. If you cut down a tree, uproot the stump. Also keep the space tidy to avoid lag.
  16. Again. You MUST role-play at all times. Role-playing via local chat is fine, but you must role-play if someone initiates role-play with you!
  17. No use of global side chat in game other than for GM assistance. Keep all conversations in local chat.
  18. For GM assistance use our Team Speak server. Don’t poke, just wait patiently in the assistance room.


On the 27th of February at 22:30 GMT the High Priest of Gottlung, Lucio Satana, is hosting a cleansing. The cleansing will be held at the Church of Javaho to the south by the Butterfly clearing. All are welcome to attend but all Gottlung must attend to avoid being listed as heretics by the clergy of Gottlung.

If you miss the event you must seek the High Pirest Lucio to be pardoned. Up until this point you will be a heretic to the entire Gottlung race which means that you may be placed under arrest by another Gottlung race member. However, their must be two Gottlungs present to arrest one individual.

All arrested heretics must be taken to the church to be pardoned. Resisting arrest may result in death/ban.

The heretic list will be posted below after the cleansing.

Season One: Story So Far

A dispute between the Slav warior Olaf Magnusson and the illustrious pope of Gottlung a civil war erupted between the two tribes which lead to the destruction of Rumaborg; the united home of both races. The Slavards headed to the north to begin building a new city called Eldbord which would provide shelter for any Slavard seeking aid.  The Gottlung headed south and began to build a church to worship their one true God, Javaho.

Huang-Fu, and outlander from the far east arrived on the island with promise to build an economy. He opened a tavern in the middle of the island called The Booze Barrel Tavern and Trade. All races are welcome to seek him out, drink his fine drinks, and trade with him. He is the man you should speak to if fortune is something you seek.

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