I am going to try and get over how bad this looks. BUT… It looks so damn bad. The first 29 seconds I was ok with it. Then the music started and I was almost instantly overwhelmed with depression.  I know I am being hard on it, after all it only the first trailer. So I sought a females perspective.

OMG! She liked it, even told me she has a new TV show she is going to watch. I am really lost for words, it amazes me how it can look one way for her and totally different for me. Girl power, I guess. The only logical conclusion that I can come up with, is that she knows nothing about the comic book character.

I guess my final conclusion is. Don’t judge the trailer, wait for the show. The guy worked on the show (who’s name escapes me.) worked on “The Flash” and “Arrow”, both really good shows. So I am going to stomach the first few episodes before I make up my mind about it.

That’s all for now. Be safe and have fun.

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