The beginning of this week has been drama-filled and progressive. I was devastated on Monday evening when I realized that some of my most prized possessions were gone! On Tuesday I was blessed with a calm afternoon in which I took care of some daily chores in Life is Feudal: Your Own. I just chilled out on Wednesday with a few hours of Broken Age, Life is Feudal: Your Own, and Planetary Annihilation. Thursday has been a nice day so far in which I played some Life is Feudal: Your Own and, soon, Broken Age.

Monday: The sun was shining and the birds were chirping. It seemed like a pretty cool day and everything seemed alright. That was until I got home and logged on to Life is Feudal: Your Own. The first thing I did was run to my coops to check on my animals. The hares were doing fine and there was plenty of food left to last them a few more days. When I turned to my chicken coop, I discovered that it was completely empty. My initial thought was that someone came and stole them all; however, I saw the angry red text off to the side. “Chicken died of disease caused by lack of hygiene.” I was so shocked that every single one died and at that moment, I vowed never to let that happen ever again. I decided that I would check into the game every day to at least clean out the coops. In that moment, I understood that this game has some hyper realistic ideas. It’s not a game where you can check back when you want to, it’s a game where you need to check in because time flies while you’re gone. Raising animals and crops take care and time, just like in real life. The world doesn’t stop for one person and if you want to be successful, you have to take responsibility. Currently (as I write this), all my new chickens and hares are doing quite well! In addition to that poopy mess, I was able to kill a majestic cow after a million sling shots. The cow fed us well and provided us the bones we needed to recreate our monument. I also talked about embarrassing stories as this all happened with the crew on Team Speak. I learned a lot about them in those moments of awkward stories. It was an interesting day to say the least.

Tuesday: Due to my devastation from the previous night, I immediately checked in to Life is Feudal to clean out the coops. None of the animal died and the chickens were starting to flourish once again. It was a relief that my animals were doing well after that whole debacle.  I did some terraforming and apple picking to the calm music of the game. It was just a very relaxed night overall.

Wednesday: On Wednesday, I did my new daily routine of coop cleaning before hopping onto Broken Age. It’s a wonderful game that I’m excited to review soon. I love the graphics and the story is just so unique. I can’t wait to continue the point-and-click adventure. I’ve met so many interesting characters in the game like Mr. Lovely Beard. Oh, Mr. Lovely Beard. Anyways, I was able to progress quite a bit in the plot before changing it up into Planetary Annihilation. Planetary Annihilation is a game that I’ve had stuck in my Steam wish list for the longest time. I didn’t know if I was ever going to get it but a good friend of mine was kind enough to gift it to me recently. I was really excited so I decided to open up the game and try it out for a bit. I played one turn of the single player war and it took about an hour. I’m sure it would’ve taken less had I not been fumbling around with the keys and objects in the game. Now that I’ve gotten some semblance of the game, I think I’ll be able to dominate the world in no time.

Thursday: Right when I got home I hopped on to Eskimo’s stream and joined him in Life is Feudal: Your Own. I did some more typical coop cleaning before cooking. These guys eat like a Dothraki man warrior! After cooking up a batch of food for the day, I ended up trying to level up my skills so that I could cook. In the end, I was close, but not close enough. I’ll have to get on tomorrow to see if I can hit those level caps. In addition to that, I started a wheat farm so that one of our fellow survivors can make some hay for her barn. Hopefully they will grow soon so we can really get the animal farms going! I’ll probably be ending the night with an hour of Broken Age. I’m getting hyped to play Shay’s story line now that I’ve finished Vella’s portion!

That should be all for now! If you made it to the very end, give yourself a round of applause.
P.S. This would’ve been a lot shorter had I actually finished it on Tuesday.


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