Until now Eskimo Press has solely been a news press. We’ve decided to open up a whole new section of our site to support blogs. From now on you can keep up with the lives of some interesting gamers.

The first wave of bloggers are regular Twitch streamers; SpAzArDoUs, Big EL, and Squeaks. You may not have heard of them but they are some of the most interesting people I’ve met in-game.

SpAzArDouS loves the old retro NES games, and regularly streams his game-runs while trying to beat records. Other times he can be seen playing Project Zomboid, Reign of Kings, or Life is Feudal as a devious bandit. Though he has stabbed us in the back and burned our homes down a few times, we still love him.

Big EL. One of the most selfless streamers on Twitch. Actively collecting donations for ExtraLife and gives away game codes just because he wants to make you happy. You can definitely catch Big EL live every Tuesday, although he is streaming for a few hours every day anyway.

Squeaks. What can I say about her? I am still not sure whether she is human or an elf. Her voice is so unique and high-pitched that she has won over a lot of hearts and fans. She does not stream, but you can catch her live on my stream, or chat to her in our very own TeamSpeak channel.

I am very excited about this and I hope you guys are too. Follow the official Eskimo Press blog to keep up with the everyday lives of these very interesting people!

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I'm a game tester, developer and blogger. Love video-games.