An epic battle of skills~! Such a good victory for the SpAzArDoUs! Check out this video of me barley squeaking out a win on The Adventure of Link Zelda II. I was so excited and it was such an intense battle that when I won I was over whelmed with joy! Hope you enjoy watching this video as much as I enjoyed making it!


I was so focused at first and figured I should power up my Link with Shield and Fireball…little did I know, the fireballs had no effect! He struck me first and caught me off guard but I played it cool. I was going to beat Dark Link!!! I started to get worried because he was really putting the hurt on me…so I decided to back off and play defensively. It didn’t work…..


I shrugged it off and pressed on. It felt as though I was going to lose because I just couldnt hit Dark Link. He was in beast mode! Jumping, dodging, blocking and slamming into me. I decided to stand my ground, not chase him around but let him come to me. That’s when the battle changed in my favor. I had em! I knew he was mine! I got cocky and that’s when he struck hard! He almost killed me and crushed my dreams…..but all for not! I struck a mighty blow and sent him back into the void…..I had beaten him.


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Love to play games, and screw around! Retro is the way for me, but I still love jamming away at new games, and multi-player games. Hit me up and click that follow button on my twitch! I do love working with people for a cause in multi-player games...but when we are pinned against each other I get very competitive! This is kind of why I prefer to work together rather then against you.

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  1. SpAzArDoUs

    Thanks guys. I really love playing Nintendo but now that we play together all the time I would rather not miss out. I enjoy spending time with you guys.

  2. dethhead

    Zelda 2 looks like Mario. Even how you save Zelda in the end.