This is not another article declaring my bias towards the other console. I am not going to tell you that the Xbox One is an inferior console. I actually love my Xbox One. Sure, we’ve had some rough times together and it does have a frustrating slow dashboard at times, but I have no other bone to pick with the Xbox One. No, my bone is with Microsoft, specifically their Xbox department. They are completely ignoring entire countries because they don’t think they are worth their time. I guess a better name for this article would be, Why did Microsoft abandon me, and my country.


I live in Iceland. We used to have Microsoft support here, but then they bailed. They, quite literally, packed their shit and left. Tens of thousands of customers were told to “get stuffed” when Microsoft decided not to honor their factory warranty; this caused a huge issue back in the day of 360 when there were so many faulty machines floating about in the market. Retailers would have to honor Microsoft’s warranty without support from them and pay out of their own pocket. This played a large part in the bankruptcy of many Icelandic game speciality retailers. But, that was then, let us fast forward a tad.


2016, I am hoping things have changed and that Microsoft Xbox have turned a new leaf. After four months of a vicious and confusing cycle of emails and lengthy waits I finally received a definite response from the PR department that is allegedly supposed to look after my region. “We have no interest in supporting your country at this time, but if that changes we will let you know”. So, in a nutshell, Microsoft have completely blacklisted my country not only for retail support but for press inquiries as well. A little offensive?


Sure, Iceland may only have the population of 330, 000 people (and we are always the center of controversy), which honestly makes us irrelevant to most markets, so by Microsoft’s logic all companies should completely cut their losses and abandon ship. This kind of sickening policy reminds me of, well, something sick. apparently my country, Iceland, and worth shit in Microsoft’s eye, and — hey — they just may be right, but can’t they at least pretend and show some compassion and hospitality and pretend that we matter? I guess not, and it’s a shame.
edit: Originally the title was why I abandoned Microsoft, but due to a little controversy from people reading the headline and not the article I decided to change it to reflect what is really happening.

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  1. thc2die

    Dude, lets just say I live in a very small country also, and MS do not have XBOX support here, it is somewhere in Europe… (I use to know that it was in Iceland – I guess after reading your article they no more)
    But if something stop working with my XBOX I’ve been told to send it for repairs, they do this Globally
    even in the US they don’t have support in every country – you need to send it
    So stop the bitching and start gaming …
    btw – do you have local support for PS? I am not sure also…


      They used to have local support for Xbox products here, but they pulled the plug. Iceland are not sanctioned under their marketing sector so there is no factory waranty or support for any Icelandic customers. Retailers buy through third-parties at their own risk, hens it is relatively difficult to find a decently priced Xbox One, let alone actually finding on, here in Iceland. Since legally all retailers have to provide a minimum of a two year warranty on all their products, they usually always replace broken ones with new units because Micrsofot will not accept returns from Iceland.

      I’ve contacted Micrsosoft all Europe, and after being sent in circles looking for the right department to handle support and public relations I was, after 5 months of waiting, told that Iceland is not licensed and therefor will not receive support. This goes for press also. They refuse to even acknowledge Icelandic media.