Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is  an absolutely stunning masterpiece in every aspect, well, for the single player game, at least.

I am struggling with the multiplayer, however. It is not that bad, really, it just lacks soul, in my honest opinion. When imagined, the multiplayer could be the foundation of an intense cinematic shootout, the game-play mechanics certainly do cater for a spectacular experience, but unfortunately, the way the game is played by the masses, it just turns into a clumsy third-person death-match game.

What’s there is great, and it works for the most part (except for that painfully annoying melee system) but the way it is packaged and delivered to us is somewhat disappointing. Instead of getting people to focus on the crazy stand-offs and shootouts that are possible with the game-play mechanics, everybody seems to prefer invoking their inner Spider-man and using the new rope feature to swing around like crazy to avoid being shot.

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In its current state the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End multiplayer is OK, not great. Fortunately, Naughty Dog have plans to evolve the multiplayer in the coming months; the expected changes can be seen on the roadmap below.


Although the multiplayer mode is not really living up to its potential right now, there is a whole lot of changes yet to come — and two modes that I am very excited for; co-op and cinema mode. So, for now I’ll be happy with being merely whelmed with my experiences in multiplayer, but I am hopeful that Naughty Dog can turn this decent experience into something amazing.

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  1. Bob

    The multiplayer is terrible, an ill-imagined vision of what Uncharted 3’s multiplayer didn’t want to become. First step in the disgusting process that is Uncharted 4’s multiplayer is the matchmaking. It will queue, quite literally, forever, unless you restart the game. Restarting the game is only effective 30% of the time, and it will only legitimately search 30% of the time. It takes a matter of at least 10 minutes, when not infinite minutes, just to find one single other player on the most common of game modes. As this is being written, I continue waiting on an already 30 minute queue. After a couple of matches within a lobby, that lobby is disbanded and it takes half an hour, at the least, to find another. That is an utter error and failure that should be fixed soon. Next, and most vitally, the classes are all critically unbalanced. Assault (with the AK-47) is simply over-powered. A few shots with this default quickfiring weapon can kill an enemy, whereas a scoped sniper shot will take a couple of headshots to result in a death. All of the other classes, time and time and again, are proven utterly useless compared to the AK-47/grenade/RPG combo. These are very consistently the primary, if not, sole, source of kills. Because the selection of weapons is miniscule (around two dozen, total from all classes of weapons), the variety and enjoyment is dull. RPG is clearly a better special weapon to pair with than the Condor that another class gets. Special weapons, by the way, cannot be picked up within the maps or matches. You should be able to know the upcoming map in order to make the best decision as to what class you will pick. The maps are small, closed in, and especially non-vertical. There is no open room for snipers or support. Cover, an interesting feature of Uncharted, cannot actually protect you here. Bullets can still fly right above the fence line and into your skull, or you could just push with one support AI mini gunner and steamroll the entire enemy team (which is actually easier than it sounds, because there are only five people per team!), or the new instant kill charged-up melee feature. There is furthermore no room to play around in, like there was with the experimental maps from Drake’s Deception multiplayer. Aside from every songle feature, the main bonus that Drake’s Deception’s multiplayer offers is the fact that you don’t need to pay a $10 a month subscription to play online. There are only 3 maps at the moment in Uncharted 4. Variety in skill and gameplay is a joke. The entire thing, in summary, is a utterly brainless failure that can’t even dream of meeting the expectations placed by the games predeccesors and single player campaign. Please, dear god, save your money. What a fucking mistake, Naughty Dog.