The Overwatch open beta launched on PlayStation a week ago and if you haven’t played it yet you are a dunce. Overwatch has something for everyone and right now, until tomorrow, you can pretty much play the full game for free, and here is why you should.

Overwatch is fresh addition to a a saturated market of shooters. It’s a game that shines with simplicity and glimmers with charm. It is the kind of shooter that takes me back to the days where first-person shooters were just stupid fun, like Time Splitterz. You don’t have to invest 20 hours just to unlock a special weapon or skill to give you a fair shot at ending up at the top off the ladder. Right off the bat everything is unlocked so you get the full experience immediately.

Not only does Overwatch refrain from forcing you to spend hours of grinding just to get a fair and balanced game, it smothers you with charm and reminds you exactly what games are supposed to be… fun. Although there is a very intriguing story behind Overwatch it is not constantly thrown in your face. Blizzard put the emphasis on game-play, which is a smart move considering how fine tuned it is, but the story still manages to shine through, even at the most unexpected moments, with back-and-forth banter between the 21 heroes; 21 super awesome heroes, I might add.

So, yeah… 21 heroes., each extremely fun to play, very interesting, and offer a whole new dynamic to game-play. They are split in to four classes; defense, offense, tank and support. And within each of these classes are two sub-classes (i.e. builders, snipers, melee, etc). I generally like to play with Junkrat (Joker like villain who has a noob-tube), Mercy (agile healer who also gives team-mates a damage boost), and Widowmaker (bad-ass sniper), but I have recently started learning how to use McGree (slick cowboy with a six shooter), and I feel that he is going to be an absolute beast when I have gotten use to his play style.


After putting countless of hours into the open beta I am definitely ready to invest more in the game, both time and money. It is a little bittersweet that the open beta ends tomorrow, but that will at least give me a little time to play Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End… but, I am so ready for the launch of Overwatch!

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