The Indie Stone is a developer that has a troubled passed. They promised gamers something very ambitious. A lot of people doubted their project, but, when it came to fruition, they proved just how important game-play is, and when it is done that well, graphics don’t mean anything. Project Zomboid could easily be the greatest game ever made… and it is still in development.

The zombie lunged out at Russel Crowe clawing at his chest and tearing his vest. In a moment’s hesitation, Russel managed to push the zombie far enough back for it to lose ballance and fall to the ground. This was his chance; Russel held the baseball bat with a firm grip in both hands, inched towards the zombie, and started frantically bashing its skull in until he was sure it was dead. It took more hits than it usually would; Russel was still in shock so his nerves got the best of him and his swings didn’t always connect… but it took, eventually. The zombie was dead, but that was the least of Russel worries. It was getting dark and starting to rain. He must look for shelter and get out of the rain before his clothes would soak and Russel would get ill.

Russel rushes to the first house he sees, but the doors are locked. Perhaps he can pry open a window with a crowbar? Yes! But, crap, the house alarm has triggered and has alerted a horde of zombies nearby. He must get away from there as quickly as he can. He runs north and finally sees a vacant house. Doors are unlocked (unusual, but convenient). He darts in, slams the door shut. Finally, when his nerves calm he starts to feel a stinging pain on his chest. Russel examines his torn vest and notices a scratch… even worse, it is bleeding and looks like it is starting to get infected. He rips his vest into pieces and uses them as bandages — but that just wont do — he will need to find some disinfectant to have any hope of surviving. He searches through the bathroom cabinet. Jackpot! A bottle of disinfectant, some beach, and a towel. The pain starts to sink in again, and the blood is seeping through the now dirty bandage. He yanks off the dirty bandage to reveal his infected sore and tosses it on the ground. He applies disinfectant to another piece of his ripped vest then reapplies it his wound. Not much he can do now. Only time will tell whether this is enough to stop the infection from spreading. He looks down at the ground and sees a puddle of his own blood. He Cleans the poodle of his own blood up with a towel and some bleach.

Long day. He must sleep. Hopefully, the infection will be gone in the morning.

Russel wakes up. The weather outside is peaceful. He looks down at his bandaged wound and it seems as though the bleeding has stopped. He removes the bandage anticipating the worst, but fortunately the disinfectant worked and killed the infection before it could spread.. this is a great start to the day! Now, hopefully the kitchen in this abandoned house is well stocked with food, because Russel is getting hungry. He heads to a door that he assumes leads to the kitchen… opens it… and is jumped by two zombies! He equips his bat and begins to swing the it around like a madman. Before he knows it the kitchen is covered in zombie blood, but at least the zombies are dead. Russel looks down at his arm… he has been bitten. The chances of him surviving the infection.. 5-10% — those are not good odds. “Screw it”; he says while taking one last look around. Russel reaches into his backpack and pulls at the bottle of bleach he found the night before. “Goodbye, cruel world”, he empties the bottle in two keen gulps.

391206b4146fdf0d1d0e93bd6cdf4dddThis is not a scenario from a horror movie. This one of the many experience  I have had inProject Zomboid. Even in Early Access this is one of the greatest gems on Steam, and what the developers are promising us in the future seems almost too good to be true. But we believe every word of the promises they make. Why is that? Project Zomboid lost two years of development data when their studio was looted two years ago. This means they had to start from scratch, and a lot of people thought that it meant the end of development… but The Indie Stone soldiered, invested everything they had left in making this game for the fans and, two years later, have not let us down.

If you want a game that truly immerses you. A game that does not hold your hand. A game that heavily focuses on game-play. A survival horror game that puts survival in priority, then you must not overlook Project Zomboid. Oh, and I forgot to mention, it is also a multiplayer game.

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