I’m a little surprised. Was not too excited for The Order 1866. Not because it didn’t excite me but because it kind of disappeared of my radar. But then I received my copy and it all came rushing back. “Oh, this game. Cool”, I blame my underwhelming response on Sony’s lack of advertisement, and quite possibly confidence, for this… because The Order 1866 is the classiest game that I’ve ever had the privilege of playing.

Of course, I cannot give you my review, for two reason, the review embargo has not been lifted and I have not yet finished the game. It is not because the game is incredible long (I cannot comment on how long it is because I have not finished it), it is because I am really taking my time and soaking in the atmosphere and class the game spits in spades.


The production quality in The Order: 1866 is clear through-out. The developers had a vivid vision of exactly how the game should look, feel, and sound and it is rare to see this much atmosphere in games, let-alone movies.

3072589_oriBeing a girl gamer I am also completely taking by the game’s main protagonist; Sir Galahad Grayson, a knight of The Order. He is the most majestic and manliest hero I’ve ever seen portrayed in any form of factitious media. Even after asking several of my male colleagues, they agreed… he’s the epitome of manliness. Kind of reminded me of Tom Selleck back in his prime.

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