It has been almost two years since Grand Theft Auto Online launched and whether it lived up to its promise, hype and potential is debatable. It is still going strong despite being a lastgen game and you will never struggle to find a packed loby. In words, if you are into what GTAO has to offer, you wont get bored. Unfortunately, for some poor sods, like me, Grand Theft Auto Online completely missed the point; it could have been so much more with a few tiny tweaks but in the end it is just a glorfied deathmatch and racing game.

If the setting was different the deathmatch thing would not bother me so much. I mean, if the kill is harder, then it is more rewarding, right? Let us say, horses, very inaccurate guns and stuff instead of tanks, rocket launchers and stuff. Yeah, I could get into it.

I can see it now. I’m roaming some small dirt filled town armed with nothing but my sharp wit and some six-shooter I stole of some random cowboy who attempted to murder me after I accidentally got run over by his horse; I had to beat him down with my fists, of course. I am strapped for cash so I need to make a small robbery, and that stinky, trashy tavern seems about as much as I can handle. I kick the door with my tough western-guy attitude, but, like in most western taverns, its are swinging door; this is where Rockstar’s Advanced Gaming Engine’s awesome and ultra realistic physics swings the door back at me in full force launching me back to the dirty streets in ultra realistic fashion(wasted?). I dust myself off, and put an adhesive strip on my ego, it’s all good, baby. But, before I make it back to the tavern’s entrance, I hear another player fast approaching — he’s on horse, I know this because I can hear the terrifying sounds of it galloping. I can also hear the muffled scream of, what I assume to be, a bandit getting louder and louder. I run and take cover behind the nearest dumpster. And then, the moment I’ve been waiting for, I see a man on his horse ride passed me dragging some poor kid, that he lassoed, behind him. The kid shouting, “leeet me gooo, you (something offensive)! Don’t you know I am? I know the developers and they will ban you!” This is why I bought this game!

Best multi-player map ever?

Best multi-player map ever?

In all seriousness, I would definitely play Red Dead Online. I am very fond of the setting and think it would be an extremely immersive experience. Also, instead of apartments, and huge luxurious condos you’d have… farms! And instead of buying nice sports cars, boats, and planes you’d buy cattle, horses, and slaves (it is era appropriate)? Farmville for adults like me, oh yeah baby!

So, do you guys think Red Dead Online would be a great idea? I surely think Rockstar could pull it off (no sexual innuendo intended). I honestly do.

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