Expectations weren’t high when thinking of Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, but when the game launched it really amazed us. Despite not having the biggest license in the world of football, nor the budget of EA Sports it managed to out-do FIFA 15 in terms of game-play.

Pro Evolution Soccer provides a better game-play experience. It seems more authentic and is a hell of a lot more rewarding when it comes to goal scoring. It is also a little strange that character models in PES 15 are a lot more realistic than FIFA 15s, especially considering that this isn’t EA’s first crack at the next-gen consoles with a football game.


All things aside, FIFA 15 is still our go-to football party game. The club transfer option and easy-to-navigate menus make it just that much easier — but when it comes down to getting our football fix, PES 15 takes the cake.

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