I don’t think Hello Games are getting the thanks they deserve for No Man’s Sky. Sean Murray is now being compared to Peter Molyneux and being called a flat-out liar and his game is declared to be a cash-grab by many, but the game is so much more than people realise.

The initial promise that Sean Murray made would be impossible to deliver even if we had access to super advanced alien technology. Sean and his team at Hello Games had to rethink how games work to be able create this game, and people should be astonished that Hello Games created a game that does more than scratch the surface of an impossible promise, and the fact that it is only 6GB and runs on a PlayStation 4 is mind blowing — well, it is if you don’t understand the clever programming trick they used to achieve this.

Let’s take a look at the game and tick the boxes where Hello Games delivered on their promise.

18, 0000, 0000, 0000, 0000 planets.

Okay, I have not counted them all, but the games allows for this many planet discoveries (more, actually). You can go to your Warp map and zoom endlessly through the map and stop at any random solar system  and it will have a name, class, and list the amount of planets and moons. Not procedural generated, this solar system already exists. What’s even more amazing is that although planets are procedurally generated there is an exact science to their creation. So, if two people were to visit the same solar system while offline it would appear identical for both players.

Day/Night caused by actual planet rotation.

First game, ever, to do this, I think. You can actually chase the setting sun around the planet in your spaceship. If you land on planet during the day, stay at the same spot until night, then take off into space again you will notice the the sun is behind the planet. Incredible!

Alien Animals

People find new things to complain about every day, and the latest controversy is that the alien animals spotted by people in-game are nothing like the ones in the E3 demo. I will admit, there are some strange alien animals out there but that is exactly what I love about the game (I found a beaked Ewok!). Still, I don’t doubt that you can find animals in the game that are similar to the ones we saw at E3, but we have to remember that there are bunch of different variations and mutations that all depend on the solar system and planet that the alien animal is in, so the chances of finding something like that are rare… but I believe that, if you persist, you will find them one day.

So far I have spent 60 hours playing and I have visited 20 solar systems and I don’t think I have even scratched the surface of what this game has to offer… and Hello Games will be bombarding the game with free updates! Thank you Hello Games for creating a game that I could spend 32 billion years playing and still not discovered all the planets that you wonderful game algorithm generates.

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  1. Alymon

    Elite Dangerous has setting suns/planetary rotation.

    I’m loving NMS. Yes there is a certain generic sameness to much of the planets and creatures you find, but there’s also that rare surprise where you are stunned at the thing walking around in front of you, or the geography of the planet you see.

    It’s just such a neat concept. It’s not for everyone, but if you like exploration and being surprised regularly, NMS fulfills that niche.