“Tune in to Rick and Morty season 3 in, like, year and a half, maybe longer, to see how we unravel this mess”, famous words spoken by Mr. Poopy Butthole that left us all with with addiction withdrawals. It has been almost one year and one month since the the finale of season 2 aired which means, if Mr. Poopy Butthole isn’t lying, we still have to wait five or more months for season 3. However, Netflix‘s alleged interest in the series could have urged Adult Swim to fast-track the production of the third season.

Netflix supposedly approached the creators of the popular show, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, with a generous contract for a new Rick and Morty season and  a new original series. Due the overwhelming positive reception that Rick and Morty has from both critics and fans, Adult Swim have been reluctant to give up publishing and broadcast rights for the show.

Season 3 has been green-lit by Adult Swim and is expected to air within the next two months, but Netflix might just have secured the rights to an exclusive series penned by the talented and creative minds behind Rick and Morty. The original series is most likely a Rick and Morty spin-off, and our money is on either young scientist, Rick, or Mr. Poopy Butthole himself. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Rick and Morty won’t be coming to Netflix, perhaps the deal was for season 4 and onward.

We have reached out to Netflix to confirm the rumour and we will give you and update as soon as we hear more, but now we can only speculate and look forward to the third season. Would you like it if Netflix were to actually acquire the rights to Rick and Morty, and what character do you feel truly deserves a spin-off?

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