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The evening of Saturday the 24th of August was an important one for fans of extreme music in Iceland. A fare-well gig, so to speak, for Plastic Gods  took place at Gaukurinn as two of the members are moving out of the country and no one is sure when or where their next show will be. I decided that getting there early would be smart so I accompanied Ingólfur, Plastic Gods‘ vocalist there.
Throughout the history of modern music, musicians have been keen on playing other people‘s music. Sometimes they adjust the sound and the feeling of the song to their own sound and thus making it their own. Some bands however just take a song and do a copy/paste with it, adding nothing to it and just repeat it in the exact same way as the original was.
I remember when I was in a record store in a local mall at the age of 10-11 years old. I was looking through the new arrivals in the cd stand where one could choose between a few albums to listen to and this one album cover was a bit more interesting than the others so it cought my eye.
After a good night‘s sleep and a hearty breakfast in Reykjavík I decided I should get back to Ásbrú to see the bands playing on Saturday. I got there a bit early, but not as early as I wanted to. I wanted to watch My Neigbour Totoro, but I only got there when To Be or Not To Be was on. I decided to hang around Atlantic Studios until the bands started.
Last weekend All Tomorrow‘s Parties Iceland was held for the first time at the former NATO base at Ásbrú and like a good music enthusiast I was there to check out what was happening.  Here‘s what happened on Friday.
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