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At the age of thirteen, writer/director, Darren Aronofsky first became attracted to the story of Noah's ark. As his critically acclaimed career has progressed, so has his love for the sweeping landscapes of Iceland which serve as the film's main shooting locations. Now, thirty-two years later, his highly ambitious bible epic reaches the big screen.

There are more than a few movies based on video games currently in production. The Eskimo Press Video Game Movie Watch is where we keep track of what movies based on our favourite pastime are on the horizon. Coming in March next year is Need for Speed, based on the popular racing franchise from Electronic Arts.

Super-Hero fever hit Iceland last Friday when Kick-Ass 2 premiered at Laugardal's Cinema. Tom Rizzo, founder of Bíóvefurinn, encouraged guests to come dressed as their very own super hero. There were a few kick-ass super-hero costumes... some that even deserve a spin-off. 

The reviews are rolling in for the off-beat super-hero flick, Kick-Ass 2, and so far it is starting to look like a disaster piece. I got invited to a special screening of the film last Friday, courtesy of Biovefurrin, and wasn't too disappointed. There were five things that I thoroughly enjoyed and made the movie worth watching. What are they?

The Persona series is a video game franchise developed by Atlus. It has a huge cult following and is likewise very popular in Japan. The fourth, and most recent entry in the franchise, Persona 4 has received an animated TV series that retells the whole story without player involvement. Does Persona 4 The Animation translate well into this less involved format or should you just stick to playing the game?
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