Nearly everybody that I have talked to is extremely angry at Activision; they feel betrayed and cheated because they are forcing you to buy Infinite Warfare so that you can get Modern Warfare remaster. I’ve honestly tried to join the fist-shaking trend, but I just can’t get mad.

First of all, I think the hate in the new Call of Duty game is completely unwarranted. The trailer looks bad-ass, and although it wasn’t the olden time military shooter you wished for, you are getting that with a remaster of one of the greatest shooters of all time. Oh, and also, the next Battlefield is based in World War I, so we will have variety in our shooters when both games launch. But that’s not the issue, am I right?

You are still out for blood because you feel like Activision are giant evil corporation, and you really just want to stick it to the man. Activision is making you buy a shit game to get what you really want? Are we really that certain that Infinite Warfare is going to be that bad? I absolutely really liked Black Ops III. The only Call of Duty game that I really, really, really hated was Ghosts. We have the right to worry, since Infinity Ward was behind Ghosts and are currently at the helm of Infinite Warfare, but let’s reserve our criticism until the game launches.

I know… I know. That still doesn’t solve the issue. You want to the option to just buy the Modern Warfare and skip Infinite Warfare all together. According to most hardcore Modern Warfare fans (that Whiteboy guy included) you are willing to pay a premium price for a decent remaster of Modern Warfare because, and I quote, “it is the greatest first person shooter of our generation with an unrivaled multi-player experience.” Well, if that’s the case, I think I have solved the problem! Ladies and gentlemen, behold…

Sorry for the crappy photoshop.

Sorry for the crappy photoshop.

It is a matter of perspective. Are zebras white with black stripes or black with white stripes? The real answer is it doesn’t matter. $109USD may seem a little pricey for a lot of people, but I live in Iceland and games generally retail around $130USD and I absolutely hate it but here I am getting two games for the price of one is much better than two for the price of two. You could always just buy the Legacy Edition, take out the Modern Warfare Remaster code and pawn off infinite Warfare. Problem solved.

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  1. Newmanbeing

    I thought it was clever what you stated – people could be paying $50 for remaster and $30 for IW, I appreciate that.
    However, the ‘use code and pawn off’ May not work due to possibly having to have the disc in the console to play the digital download.

  2. Harry Cox

    The smart thing to do is not pre-order and they will panic and split them up. But you have too many non thinking sheeple that have probably already pre-ordered. I am not wasting another penny of this garbage. I will not be held hostage by a greedy company because they know the have a shit product now and they know people will pay for that shitty product just to be able to play something that is actually good. It’s called extortion people.

    • brubble

      Oh I see, you’ve played it already and know full well its shit. Gotcha. Youre one of the many narrowsighted idiots/ sheep who couldnt base an intelligent opinion on fact but instead spout off in a kiddie rant based on other internet slimwits. Extortion? You really are a complete Moron.

  3. Jesse Rodriguez (@slisstic414)

    Pawning off the new IW title would be great, if it didn’t require you to own IW in order to play MW. That’s not “unwarranted” hate for no reason.

  4. bludothesmelly

    I’ll wait, it’ll be separate eventually. I just bought an original copy of mw4 for 4 dollars.