The second season of Aziz Ansari’s Master of None debuted on Netflix last week. Critics praised first season for its charm and authentic humor and received almost perfect scores from many popular entertainment presses — however, after binge watching the second season I feel like I am supposed to hate myself.

The second season kicks off like a classic black and white Italian romantic comedy.  Aziz clearly wanted to show off his Italian speaking and pasta-making skills, and it is incredible cliched.  All the Italians are basic Italian “MAMMA MIA” stereo-types to the point where I am certain that some people might even consider it racist… but no…  like pop culture has taught us today, you cannot be racist against white people because they are so privileged, and the rest of the show never fails to remind us of this.

Every white person in Aziz Ansari’s Master of None is either racist, sexist or sometimes both.  Even Dev’s romantic interest, Francesca, is racist for calling him her favorite curry person. Each episode attempts to showcase white men and women as over-privileged ignorant racists.  Even in the episodes that have nothing to do with the story-line introduces us to racist white people.  For example, take the multiple story episode; it begins with minorities (and only minorities) working as bellboys at an apartment complex for rich ignorant white people.  They are treated like slaves by the tenants.  We are first introduced to an old wealthy white lady that is ignorant and racist.  Then a wealthy white man who is cheating on his wife.  Then a crazy white bird lady.  Then entitled white female.  Each one of these white people demand the bellboys do extra work for no pay, and some of the work isn’t moral.  “Call me when my wife comes so that I don’t get busted cheating”, says the filthy rich white man.  “Feed my birds”, says the crazy white bird lady.  “Go get something from the apartment”, says the slutty white concubine who committed adultery with the filthy rich white man.  The bellboy stands up to the white people and pretty much says “I’m not your slave!”  Everybody cheers.


The second story of that episode is about a deaf black girl who works at a convenience store.  She is approached by a white male who flirts with her despite having a wedding ring.  She then goes to see her husband, who is an alcoholic white douche-bag that cannot get an erection because of his drinking.  They argue about how she does everything for him and he does nothing in return, the underlying message seems to be that the white guy is just not that attracted to her because she is black.

The last story in the episode follows a black cab driver.  His day starts off with him picking up too ignorant and prissy white girls. They are insensitive to the driver by continuing their private conversation in his cab.  They spoil a movie and talk about some stuff that could offend the black cab driver.  He goes home and we can see that he is extremely poor and over worked.  He lives in a studio apartment with one of his mates.  He meets up with two more of his friends and they can finally afford to go downtown and have some fun.  As one of the guys explains, they had been saving for months for this.  They go out, get refused entry for “looking poor”, get cheated by a white bar owner but right before they are about to call it a night they bump into a group of black girls.  They try to find a place to eat but are denied entry to shop run by a white woman because they are closing, they then find another shop run by a black person who, despite closing, allows them to come in.  They eat, drink, dance and make fun of white people.  The episode ends with them going to see a movie which unfortunately had been spoiled for the main guy because of some stupid white girls

I have only talked about two episodes so far, and there has been plenty of anti-white themes already, and that is just the icing on the cake.  It doesn’t stop.  In the Thanks Giving episode a young black girl asks what a minority is, her mother explains “It is people who have to work twice or thrice as hard as the white man to make the same amount of money”, again, insinuating that white people are privileged.  I could go on, but I think you get the point.

The word minority literally means a smaller percentage of a whole, and in that case Caucasians are a minority.  Some reports claim that only 8% of the people in the whole world are white.  When I look at me and my heritage I would definitely consider myself a minority.  I am a white, blonde haired, blue eyed guy from Iceland.  Iceland’s global population is merely 330, 000.  My entire countries population is less than some cities in the United Kingdom. But, unfortunately, despite these facts I will never be considered a minority, and that is because the definition of the word has changed.  Minority means non-white. You cannot be a minority if you are white.  All white skinned people are grouped together as one race, despite how culturally diverse Europe and Scandinavia is. Italy, France, Germany, England, Finland and Iceland are all so different.  The only thing these countries have in common is that the majority of the people (maybe not France any more) have white skin.  But that doesn’t matter, if you are white, you are white and your heritage and culture do not mean anything.  It is considered racist and offensive for white people to assume that all Asians (Japanese, Chinese, Indians, Pakistanis) and Africans (South Africa, Sudan, Somalia, Cameroon) are the same, despite Europe being far more culturally diverse then the rest of the world.

I am a little tired of seeing white people portrayed as uncultured racist morons in film and television today.  If we want to get rid of racism all together then it is best to stop focusing on the difference of our skin color and instead judge people based on their character — so, please, stop saying “white people”.

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