Back with another Life is Strange update. I’ve now played 60 minutes. It is getting a little better, but I still haven’t experienced anything that really feels like I am making a decision that matters. Well, actually, there was one thing; befriending — or at least trying — Victoria, that sassy bitch.

I think I really would hate Victoria more if the Max, the protagonist, wasn’t such a pretentious hipster. Hearing her talk about photography makes me gag… but she is slowly growing on me. If I’d ever have a conflict like Max and Victoria with somebody in real life I would probably kick them in the balls, but I’ve decided to try to be nice to her so that Max and Chloe can become besties, and then I will stab her in the back.


I am also a little concerned for Max’s relationship with that Warren guy. He broke into her dorm room while she was away and left a USB flash drive with hardcore pornography and snuff on it. Who in their right mind would recommend these movies to any girl. Well, okay, I guess a lot of people, but still the fact that Beneath the Valley Ultra Vixen and Cannibal Holocaust are the two movies on the flash drive that he recommends the most seems a little worrying. I’ve linked to the trailers so that you can see for yourself.

Another great talking point is the white paint on Victoria’s cashmere sweater. Pete the painter (I think that is his name) sounds really creepy when apologizing for getting his white paint all over her.. and yeah, doesn’t just look like paint, if you know what I mean.

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