One of the most memorable first person shooter games from the last generation was MAG. It is a game where you heavily relied on communication with your team mates (all 128 of them, sometimes), and had to work cooperatively to complete objectives, and when people did this MAG was quite easily the best first-person shooter game available across all platforms (PC included). Could you imagine just how awesome a PS4 version of MAG would be?

MAG almost had it all. It took a small hit on graphics to accommodate for the 256 player wars (but still looked decent), and then later took another hit when Zipper decided to focus on implementing the PlayStation Move functionality to a game that really didn’t need it.  But, as far as cons, that was about it for MAG. It did everything right. First, you had to pick what side you wanted to fight for, and each side had its perks including awesome home maps. Then you got to pick your role in the army you served. And then, to top that of, you got promoted among the ranks of your fellow soldiers and could commend a whole army of 128 players. This was all done so well. Why didn’t it last?


I believe their are three reasons why MAG didn’t become hugely successful. First reason; the PlayStation 3 wasn’t where Sony needed it to be when they launched MAG. Second reason; only a handful of gamers knew of the developer and the game didn’t get the lime light it so badly deserved. And last of all, it was ahead of its time. MAG is a game that I would love to see on my PlayStation 4; it has the power to improve on what MAG was for the PlayStation 4, and the install bass to ensure that the game will remain strong for the life-cycle of the console.

It was confirmed that Zipper Interactive was, in fact, working on a PlayStation 4 version of MAG before the studio was closed by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2012. It would be a wise move for Sony Computer Entertainment to revive the franchise and bring it life on their new video-game console.

Massive Action Game is one of  the most underrated first-person shooter game of the past decade and truly deserves to see the light of day again on Sony’s console. If you are unfamiliar with MAG, do yourself a favor and watch the video posted above.

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