People who purchased the Master Chief Collection or are apart of the Microsoft Xbox preview program got to try the Halo Guardians beta early last year. Fortunately, to secure my place, I was both — I was super excited to get even the smallest taste of next-gen Halo.

But when I had finally downloaded the beta and jumped straight into a game of Slayer, something seemed odd; the controls seemed identical to Call of Duty. Oh, but it wasn’t just the controls, but the weapons and the entire feel of the game. Yeah, that’s right. It felt like Call of Duty in space. At first I absolutely hated it. I thought they’d killed one of my favorite first-person shooters of all time. I rage-quit out of the beta and started playing the classic Halo games, and it was then when I noticed — heck — last-gen Halo feel very slow and clunky compared to Guardians. I decided to try some more Guardians multiplayer and, within minutes, I was beginning to love it. It still felt like Halo, just faster and whole a lot more frantic.

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343 Industries took a huge gamble when tinkering with the controls of this genre defying classic we call Halo… and it paid off. So, before you completely write off the game, give it a little time. If you haven’t played the beta, I suggest at least downloading the demo when (and if) it releases. Either that or you can borrow it from a friend. I am sure you will love the game after you get used to the changes.

But… still… is Halo really Halo without Master Chief? Let us know what you think!

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