When Destiny launched I was rather disappointed with how bare-boned the game felt. Sure, it was a decent shooter but it had no soul and it was easy for me not to care about my character’s level. One year later Destiny finally released the rest of the game in the form of a jam-packed expansion, The Taken King. A first person shooter couldn’t get much better than this, I thought, but a patiently waited to see how the new Halo would turn out. I had high hopes that 343 would know where to take the series.

There’s no denying that Halo 5 is beautiful game with solid game-play mechanics, but that is about all it is. At surface value it is glorious, but under the hood it is a pretty generic shooter. Where did 343 go wrong? Instead of going back to the roots and evolving the series in its own unique path they took too many inspiration from other games and unfortunately turned Halo into mix-bag of other familiar shooters. You could say that Halo 5 has a bit of an identity crisis.


It feels like Call of Duty. has a similar rewards system to Counter-Strike Global Offensive, and has its own version of Titanfall’s Burn Cards. And that’s not where the identity crisis ends; it is clear that 343 aren’t sure where to take the series, Halo 5 was advertised as both the end and the beginning of the series with the demise of Master Chief and the introduction of the new Spartan, Locke (and ultimate battle of Red versus Blue, if you will). But, again, the game falls flat with it’s story. Instead of sticking to their guns and writing a story that would blow fans away they played it safe. Of course they did, I mean killing off Master Chief is a huge gamble that could piss off fans, just sometimes these gambles pay off.

Destiny had its issues at launch to, especially with story and lore and that was mostly due Bungie having to rewrite the entire story from scratch only a few months before it released. Destiny seemed soulless albeit a great shooter — but with time and one large expansion Destiny proved why Bungie are the kings of the shooter genre. It must be difficult for 343 Studios to take over such a huge franchise and continue a story that some of the greatest modern game designers started. With that said, they certainly didn’t to a bad job, but Halo 5 is still living in the shadow of Destiny.


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