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Friday, 22 March 2013 17:24

Franchises We Want Revived In The Next-Gen Featured

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With the transition into the next generation we’re hoping that we’ll see plenty of exciting new IP’s across all platforms. Big name sequels are par for the course, but there are some franchises that have been dormant for a good while that we’d also like to see return. Here are some of the franchises we hope to see revived in the next generation.

Free Radical’s Timesplitters series helped define the modern console shooter experience along with franchises like Halo and KillZone. What set Timesplitters apart from the rest was the fun cartoony style, and that same x-factor feeling that gamers knew from Goldeneye and Perfect Dark (Free Radical was formed by ex-Rare employees that worked on those titles), along with a healthy dose of humor and pop-culture parodies. The development of Timesplitters 4 has been rumored, but is on indefinite hold since Free Radical was aquired by Crytek and effectively became Crytek UK. Here’s hoping that we see the return of Timesplitters somewhere down the road!

Legacy of Kain
The Legacy of Kain series brought us some of the most fun and original action-adventure games of generations past. The distinct blend of combat, puzzle solving, platforming, and exploration in a dark world brimming with brooding atmosphere is something we don’t want to be confined to our memories. We would love to take another trip to the land of Nosgoth as Raziel and/or Kain and slay the undead with the Soul Reaver sword. After Crystal Dynamic’s superb Tomb Raider reboot, a Legacy of Kain revival would be epic.

We really don’t have high hopes that we’ll ever get the final chapter of the Shenmue saga. While the series enjoys a large fan base that are hungering for a third game, the high production costs and disappointing sales for Shenmue 1 & 2 points to the series being stuck on hold. Imagine though, with all the advancements of cinematic open-world games in recent years, a next-gen Shenmue could be something special indeed. The ultimate dream come true for us Shenmue fans would be HD remakes of the first two games, and the epic conclusion to the saga.

Jet Set Radio (Jet Grind Radio)
The video game series that spearheaded the use of cel-shaded graphics in games is one of the most unique IP’s out there. The series might have left something to be desired in the control department, but it more than made up for its shortcomings with plenty of style, attitude, and most importantly; soul, something that is definitively lacking in many franchises today. Back when I first played JSR on my Dreamcast I was blown away by the unique visuals, and the fact that the objective is to grind around on magnetic inline skates and spraying graffiti, while dealing with the relentless authorities and rival gangs. It was all set to a riveting soundtrack presented by the underground DJ professor K. The recent HD remake of the original gives us hope that we might see a third game in the series in the coming generation.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
A new KOTOR developed by BioWare on next generation platforms? Yes please. To date the original KOTOR is not only one of the best Star Wars games ever made, but it is widely revered by many as one of the best games ever. As BioWare have demonstrated with the Mass Effect trilogy, they are masters at making epic sci-fi action-rpg’s, and if they were to develop a new KOTOR, fans worldwide would tell them to shut up and take their money.  

Ingólfur Ólafsson

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