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Friday, 09 November 2012 17:25

Top 11 Resident Evil Enemies Featured

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With our Zombie month in full swing and the release of Resident Evil 6 relatively fresh we take a look at our favorite enemies from the Resident Evil games. 

For now we are only looking at regular enemies and mini-bosses, saving the big baddies for later:

11. Lepotitsa
We start our list off with a new creature introduced in Resident Evil 6. This foul monstrosity is a mini-boss encountered in the Leon campaign. It is covered with bulging pores that emit a deadly grey gas which is an airborne version of the C-virus. Anyone caught in the gas will turn into a zombie. The Lepotitsa makes this list because it makes for a formidable foe, as it turns NPC’s into additional enemies, but it’s the grotesque design that makes it memorable.

10. Crow
Perhaps not the most prolific enemy in the series, but definitively one of the most important. These infected birds played a big role in spreading the T-virus in the Raccoon City outbreak. Within the horror genre the crow is ominous and foreboding, carrying weight far beyond the Resident Evil series. The infected crow lands on our list because of some memorable jump-scares and they were a real threat in the original Resident Evil, where ammo and healing items were scarce, and you couldn’t afford to waste bullets on taking them out and if they got to you they’d peck away at your precious health. We miss the days of pure survival horror... 
9. Rasklapanje
Another creature from RE6 makes the cut! This humanoid monster stumbles around clumsily but is quite deadly if it does manage to get close. Bullets can slow the Rasklapanje down, but there is no way of taking it down permanently. It can be blasted into pieces, but the individual pieces will still come at you much like the creature in Carpenter’s “The Thing”. Once you’ve put down the seperate parts its just a matter of time before the damn thing regenerates and seeks to reassemble itself. This bad boy earns this spot because it provides some of the few moments of actual horror and tension in a game that is (sadly) mostly action oriented.
8. Chimera
A T-virus powered human-fly hybrid featured in the original RE. This insectoid mutant can climb walls and ceilings and use air-ducts to travel between rooms. It was one of the tougher enemies you’d face off against in the Arklay facility and really scared the crap out of me back in the day! The chimera design is reminiscent of brundlefly’s final form in Cronenberg’s “The Fly”, which is much appreciated by sci-fi horror buffs like myself.  
7. Garrador
The Garrador is one of the more brutal regular enemies in the RE universe. You’ll find these crazy bastards in Salazar’s castle in RE4. They are clad in gladiator-like gear with huge claws mounted on either hand. The Garrador is completely blind and relies on sound to hunt its prey, but will charge and attack mercilessly once he’s got a lock on you. To avoid detection you have to move slowly and avoid firing your weapon unecessarily. They can be taken down by shooting the plaga parasite that protrudes from their backs, and so you’ll need to either manouver silently around them or use sound distractions to lure them away from you. A fight with a Garrador is like a thrilling macabre bull fight! 

6. Iron Maiden
Another RE4 baddie worthy of this list! These twisted monsters are a variation of the “regenerator” enemy that Leon faces off against earlier in the game. They share the same characteristics and are fought in the same way, only these guys are way more deadly and most would agree they are the toughest regular enemies in the game.  They will regenerate shot off limbs, can only be killed by using a thermal scope to target the plaga parasties that dwell within them. If they do get a hold of you they’ll use their ability to generate spikes from its skin to impale you in an embrace of death. IRON MAIDEN EXCELLENT!!
5. Bandersnatch
The Bandersnatch makes this list mostly because it is a personal favorite of mine, as they were never too popular with fans and were only featured in RE: Code Veronica and a couple of spin-off games like RE: The Darkside Chronicles. These hulking creatures are a lesser version of the Tyrant-class B.O.W. They move slowly but make up for it with their giant mutated arm that they can elongate to slash at you or grab you from afar. Their veiny bodies and skull like faces just ooze of death, and I’ll never forget the first time I saw a bandersnatch grab Claire Redfield’s skull in its massive grasp and crush it like a paper cup. Deliciously terrifying. 
4. Crimson Head zombie
The Crimson Head zombie is another monster from the original RE... sortof. It first appeared in the Gamecube remake if the original. There’s not much to say about these guys, they are basically just a particluarily dangerous variant of the regular zombies. They move faster and actively dodge attacks, and have nasty little claws instead of fingers for increased damage. Oh and they look really cool.
3. The Bella Sisters
What’s worse than an insane woman infected with the mind-controlling plaga parasite coming at you maniacally screaming from the top of her lungs and wielding a chainsaw? Two of them of course! The Bella Sisters are probably my favorite RE mini-bosses and truly put the fear in me as a teenager. These crazy sisters made for one of RE4’s most terrifying encounters as they mercilessly stalked you, along with a small platoon of regular Ganado’s. Barricading yourself inside a building didn’t hold up for long against them as they’d tear through any obstacle with their chainsaws. You had to fight these deadly twins on the run squeezing in pot shots whenever you could. I had my head sawed off on more than one occasion by these psychotic siblings!  

2. Licker
Ahh the licker. Since their introduction in RE2 these quadrupedal beasts have become one of the most iconic monsers in the RE series. Their grotesque inside-out design with exposed brain and musculature was really shocking to me back in the day. They climb walls and ceilings with great speed and agility and attack with their huge claws and lash out with their razor-sharp tounge, hence the name licker. First seeing a licker suddenly crawling across a window in the Raccoon City police department only to have it come at you moments later in the next room is undoubtedly on of my most cherished RE moments! 
1. T-virus zombie
To nobody’s surprise my pick for the number 1 Resident Evil enemy is the classic zombie. What else? The zombie is one of videogaming’s most popular enemy type(especially in recent years, no doubt largely due to the popularity and influence of Resident Evil). Even though the zombie is slow and has almost no brain activity it should never be underestimated, especially when they’re swarming in large groups. The first few RE games really nailed the survival horror feel developers seem hard-pressed to achieve today. Presenting the player with scenarios where you had to assess whether to take out the undead or take your chances and try to navigate around them. The zombie is what defined Resident Evil and is therefore our number 1 Resident Evil baddie!


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