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Thursday, 14 February 2013 20:16

This Week's Top 10 Worst Singstar Performances Featured

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The best thing about watching crappy television shows like X-Factor or [insert country here] Idol is the audition. Why? Because they are so painfully awkward and funny. But who needs shows like that when you can get all the laughs you need from Singstar. Here are this weeks top 10 worst performances on Singstar--videos and all!

10. The Annoying Friend

Everyone has an annoying friend who loves to hog the spotlight. If you don't think any of your friends are like that just invite them over to play SingStar; their true colours will show.

9. Can't Play Guitar

Can't sing? Can't dance? Can't play guitar? Pick up that plastic piece of crap Gtuiar Hero peripheral you call a guitar, pretend to jam, add some lame effects and you're a rockstar!

8. Tough Guy & The Cutie Pie

This is almost like a really cheesy sitcom. The guy acting all tough and pushing the girl around. The girl, with her face painted, acting like a oh-so cute little cat. And I am pretty sure the dude is wearing mascara.

7. The Lovers

After a few glasses of wine, or cheap vodka in this case, the two crazy lovebirds decide to have a little fun in SingStar... but I think they forgot they were being filmed. Nothing like a bit of dirty dancing in front of an audience to spice things up.

6. The Shirtless Guy

I don't know what's more awkward here; that he looks nude, or that he is singing to Adele. Either way, this video definitely makes it in this weeks top 10 worst of.

5. The Old Couple

Though somewhat endearing, this video is just outright painful to watch. It's on par with walking in on your parents having sex; there's no passion and they are doing it all wrong. Poor couple look like they are miserable (that bad editing isn't fooling anyone). But still it's kind of sweet.

4. The Boy-Band

Not that this is an awful performance or anything (just kidding, it's terrible), it just reminds me too much of those lame 90s boy-bands. Especially that asian dude in the great sweater, look how seriously he's taking it. Give it up, guys... let the little kids play.

3. This Guy

Really? I really have nothing to say about this video... except that his PSN name is "YouTubeMan". So, he probably has a YouTube channel, or something. That shotty editing and monotone singing made me tear up for humanity... you suck (at SingStar), kid.

2. The Over Enthustiastic

The lady in pink sure knows how to rock the audience; headbanging, interpretive dance, and lots of fist pumping. Her backup vocalist is even rocking a super-tight white turtleneck. This rocks!

1. Me

The definite worst, and most embarrassing, performance of the week goes to.. ME (yay)! One lonely Sunday evening, dressed like a bum, I decided to put on my gas-mask and sing along to Toto's Africa. Look at my dance moves... I call it the broken clock.

There you have it. This week's top 10 worst SingStar performances, and I get first prize (I know, it seems rigged). If you want to become a famous star all you got to do is sing, badly. If your performance is bad enough we might just feature in our next weeks "worst of". Thanks for watching, I hope you ears aren't bleeding.

Mike Tomasson



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