We’ve all wondered why FIFA have not implemented the female league into the FIFA series or released a separate game all together so that fans could play as their female football heroines. This year’s FIFA will finally include women. Though it may not include the entire women’s league it does include the female national teams for a number of nations. This is a huge step forward in the right direction for Electronic Arts Sports and the FIFA franchise — however — a lot FIFA fans are not happy and sexism ensues.

What we believe to be the most significant addition to the FIFA franchise since 2010 is rustling feathers of some of the die-hard fans. Some of the top comments of the announcement video and tweets coming from fans are insulting to women and prove just how moronic some football fans can be.



Comments such as “get off the pinch“, and “that’s a strange looking kitchen” and a lot more vulgar and sexually explicit comments are some of the top rated comments on YouTube right now. I can’t help but be ashamed and embarrassed; I am a male gamer and I love FIFA, and I certainly do not what these kind of morons representing me and/or my opinions. FIFA are doing the right thing here.

Some people believe that this feature is a quick money-grab attempt but EA Sports, yet at the same time these people claim that this is a waste of space considering “no-one” watches women’s football… this couldn’t be further from the truth. The FIFA video-game franchise is not exclusive to men, and the sport is not only played by men. Though women’s football may not be as popular as men’s, there are women out there that have committed their lives to the sport that deserve the recognition. I am from Iceland, our women’s national team have achieved more than men’s and the nation stands behind them and supports them. Though it is a little sad that the Icelandic women’s and men’s teams are not in the FIFA 16 roster, I am very happy to see the first inclusion of pro female football players in FIFA 16.






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