Doom was probably the first mature game that I ever played. It was on my dad’s old Intel 286 desktop PC. I think I was 11 at the time when I first played it, and I was blown away by the sound, story and graphics (even though I probably did not fully comprehend it). But, it was Doom that first introduced me to cosmic-horror (terror of that which is outside our realm of comprehension) and launched me into a spiral of deep philosophical thought that eventually resulted in my Atheism. Pretty crazy for an 11 year old, huh?

Doom lived up to its name. The game gave me sense of hopelessness and impending doom. It started with its setting on Mars; a distant and dark planet that is plagued in mystery and myth. Then it got a whole lot deeper… what lies hidden in the black depths of space? The vast unknown and unimaginable.  Not knowing leaves you with this incredible feeling of fear. Our planet is relative to a speck of dust in the vastness of the universe.  So many things could happen in space that could mean the end of our world , and we have no control over them. So, yeah, we are DOOMed.

The end of Doom took that shocking thought and rubbed it in your face at the end of the first game. After countless nights blasting space demons and changing underpants and finally beating the final boss, the game basically just gives you the middle finger. “Oh, you finished the game? Great, all your hard work meant nothing. Your planet is now screwed.” Out of all the video game endings I’ve experienced in my life, this one stuck with me.

The new Doom multiplayer may not be impressing people, but let us not forget that DOOM has always been about the campaign and story. So, yeah… I am very hyped for the new DOOM game. It could be the scariest game ever made, if done right!

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